The desire man has for satisfaction within his/her place of comfort increases daily. Thus, it is essential that this opportunity is harnessed.  The online store is platform used to reach your target audience within your choice location within their zone of comfort and eliminate the stress of taking a distant drive amidst the bad traffic to your store, having to answer calls and go through long conversation of bargains on prices etcetera

Owning your own online store permits you to build your own brand identity, engage and interact with customers in more meaningful ways and gives any small business customizable options and tools that fit specific needs.

Your e-commerce business might get its start on other platforms but that’s tantamount to having a little shop in a market: several other sellers compete with you to sell that same product.

So, how do you know when it’s time to set up your own online store? Proweb e-Solutions team of experts have identified some of the signs that you and your business are ready to take the plunge and get the all-time high sales you’ve always wanted for your business.

  1. REACH EXTENSION: most often, in the bid to make great business ventures, the immediate environment is just but a small number to reach such great heights. For vision to be accomplished, a platform needs to be created where people from all across the world could have limitless access to you store regardless of the time they are free to hop in and check out what you have in stock. It is no doubt that the more people are aware of your venture and how easy accessing it is, is key to business boom.
  1. HIGH TRAFFIC IN YOUR STORE: When you notice there’s a high number of people in your store par time and you scarcely have the time to attend to them effectively without losses accruing from mismanagement, theft etcetera. The online store creates for you a most effective platform to reduce the number of people physically in your store while your revenue keeps pilling up yet you give each customer the best service they can ask for without stress.


  1. You’re paying too much in fees: probably you are a vendor with marketplaces giants like jumia, konga, amazon, eBay etcetera and you feel you do not need your own independent store. Dave Huckabay, who sells scientific and industrial equipment, mostly to other businesses said: “Without your own independent revenue stream it can literally feel like jumia and konga are “eating you alive with fees,”.Jumia, Konga, Etsy and other similar marketplaces make their money off of fees, often an average of 10 percent, generated by from each transaction. That money might be better off funding some expansion of your business and not on fees. Also, the number of people on the platform as you are suggests its equivalent to having a store in a market with countless number of competitors selling the same product/service as you “When you’re starting out, 10 percent may not seem like a huge number but once you start making significant sales in the five figure range, you are going to be remitting tens of thousands to these platforms that can otherwise be moved under your own bank account,” explains Terry Lin, an e-commerce educator and founder of fashion accessory company Baller Leather. “It may take a while to build up an online store and shift traffic there, but it is a long ball play that is better from a strategic business standpoint.”



An effective tool to use in ensuring business growth is customers’ satisfaction. And until you are able to ensure that customers go through little or no hassle at all to patronize you, your business may just be struggling to stand. Having your own online store gives your customers easy access to your shop, they take their time to make selection from your stock at their own convenience and you wouldn’t need to be giving them specialized attention while they make choices. The customers thus make their purchase and all you need do is forward it to them in due time.

    To protect your business, you’ll need more than one stream of revenue. “If you have everything built on a single platform, you’ll be boned if you get kicked off,” explains Brad DeGraw, author of e-book FBA-Hot List. “The best way to have a resilient income is to own the business rather than hope you always fit in the business of other platforms.” A variety of platforms make it simple for entrepreneurs of all stripes to sell through their own stores for low monthly rates that would have been unheard of just five years ago. But the best means is to get a an online store that guarantees you do not only get revenue from your physical store but you now have multiple streams of income.
    Having your own site is a sign of brand maturity and tells customers that there is a serious business behind your product. When people ask where they can find you online sending them to konga or jumia could dilute your brand’s equity. “There is a certain level of ownership a brand must have by having their own real estate on the internet,”. “Imagine if you owned a hotel and you told someone to find you through google search. It doesn’t make sense.”


    To maintain a sense of exclusivity, Genuity and integrity, your brand needs an online store to further boost genuity. If your products are luxury, exclusive and of high quality, owning an online store further confirms your Genuity. By that same token, if you are selling wholesale, business-to-business or items in bulk, having your own website will make your business seem more credible and dependable. People like to know that there is someone on the other end to answer emails or phone calls.

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