The core reason for any Social Media advertisement is basically to get returns in favour of the business. This can either be brand awareness, store visit, conversions, Youtube views etcetera. In anyways, ethics govern the assurance of returns on investment (ROI) on social media ad. Proweb e-Solutions’ marketing team presents to you the best factors to consider in choosing an audience to ensure yields from your Social Media Ad.

(1) Identifying Your Target Audience

The first thing you have to do to ensure return on investment for your Social Media Ad is to identify your ideal customer or client. This process is more or less similar to crafting buyer personas. For it to succeed you need to:

  • Be specific about your intended customer.
  • Note the responses of real people who fall among your target group.

         Think as your proposed audience will think


Yeah in a way…….

But before you imagine teaching marketers the complicated art of extrasensory perception (mind reading), we would like to stress that it need not be an off-limits and hard to explain phenomenon. In fact, there are a number of ways you can connect with the mind of other people and form likely assumptions about exactly what going on in their grey cells to ensure your Social Media Advertisement reaches the audience you desire for appropriate returns on investment.

The hardest and also the surest way to know what a person is thinking or even likely to think when facing particular stimuli is by researching your target audience, knowing them so well that you actually can read their minds. This involves a lot of time and painstaking research before it can be carried out reliably for non-professionals. Proweb e-Solutions’ Business Solution team can give you the most promising and effective mind-status of your target audience to ensure returns on investment for your ad. Click HERE to Connect .

If you must create Social Media ad that guarantees ROI, you must be able to understand how your target audience think thus your reasoning goes beyond the shores of your expectation as a marketer but must align with the minds of your audience. To do this effectively, your content must be at its best. This leads me to the next factor.

(2) Content:

Marketers that do exceptionally well on Social Media ads are such with creativity of compelling content capable of leaving the reader with no other choice than to comply with the call to action in response. Every “reproductive” content must be:

  • Relative: your content must be such that the audience can relate with. It should describe at least 80% of their need.
  • Engaging: your content should make your audience want to take an action. This suggest you use catchy call to actions (CTA)
  • Appealing: while creating your content for the ad, either graphical, video or words, ensure they such that your target audience will deem interesting, fascinating and not boring
  • Relevant and Adds Value: no one would want to waste money on anything non-profitable. So, you must make your audience see how your ad adds value to them

(3) Ask Questions

You will be astounded by the number of business owners who skip this obvious step. They often simply assume; which is definitely unwise. You are far better off by asking questions in the flowing ways:

  • Entice customer to answer a few questions related to your business by offering something valuable in return.
  • Use your email list to your advantage by using auto-responders to get their opinion on a topic related to your service or product. They can simply hit reply and provide you with all the info you need. This will also help you to understand their mind-set so as to ensure return on investment for your social media ad
  • Ask people to describe at length the problems they face when they use your products or those of your competitors. As sessions like these often stretch up to more than thirty minutes it is good to provide a goodwill gift.
  • Another crafty method is to get together a target group at a gathering which may be a number of different forms of people getting together and then get their opinion.

(4) Reflect What You See

The words matter and you will be well advised to use the words used by your target audience in your copy. Not only do you get into the technical aspect this way but also manage to create copy that resonates with your audience.

Use these tips and you’re sure gonna be smiling to the bank as your return on investment keeps pilling.


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