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Suraiya sold millions of skincare products and closed her senior manager title in just 3month in  her network marketing business oriflame  

Daniel at only 24years went from zero to 6million worth of sales per month and now have branches across Nigeria

Heard of the brand hope fashion & beauty Complex?  she went from home to becoming a  global brand within 3 years of running ads with us consistently

Sales Results from our Clients Funnels & Facebook Ads Manager

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We are also registered with CAC Since 2017

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We’ve invested over ₦700,000,000 on Facebook 

Ads according to the screenshot below 

The above screenshot shows we spent 581,963.74 dollar (250,000,000 in naira) only December between 2 - 29th December 2020

We are also Facebook developers

For better results....we went ahead to build our own custom marketing software's (Prowebchats) the one used in the live results above the very first video on this page

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  • Get low or no converting funnels 
  • Manually reply to all comments & DM
  • No Marketing tools and systems
  • No onboarding sales strategy session 
  • Struggle to sell and attend to everyone on WhatsApp and DMs

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