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 Work Policy

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This document contains the terms and conditions for working as a ProwebPOS agent with Proweb e-solutions. It should act as a guide for both Management and the agents and must be signed by the agents to acknowledge they read through and agree to the terms.


Terms and Conditions:


1. Eligibility 


Agents are eligible to work as agents if their duties can be met regardless of their current commitments and proven to be trustworthy, disciplined, self-motivated, and have the capability and expertise to:


  1. Set up their customer business on ProwebPOS

  2. Provide prompt support when their customer needs it

  3. Take instructions from the company and promptly execute them

  4. Follow and comply with the company’s policy



2. Work Policy 

While working remotely as an agent, agents must adhere to all the Terms and conditions.

All company policies around conduct, confidentiality, etc., continue to apply, regardless of location

and Here at Proweb e-solutions, we put the customer first and our team second.

Disciplinary and legal actions will follow policy transgressions of any kind  based on the disciplinary and legal process on this policy:


2.1. All ProwebPOS clients’ setup must begin within a period of 5-7 days after payment except they request for a postponement or in cases where there are too many customers who opted in at once and Agent is unable to attend to all within the stipulated time.  in this case, clients must be pre-informed and agreed on a scheduled date for the setup

In the case of a Client outside An Agent’s location and would require the Agent to travel outside his/her location to set up the client 

Then, the Agent must reach an agreement with the client for the best time to complete the setup 

2.2. Agents must keep all customers updated and respond to their complaints and inquiries

2.3. Meetings are held and are compulsory for agents 

They are required to be available in the meeting before or at the exact time of the meeting scheduled.

If for any reason an agent will be unavailable then it should be communicated before the time of the meeting. 

2.4. An agent must respect, collaborate and respond to other team members

2.5. An agent must build a good relationship with customers and respond to them speedily in a polite and friendly manner 

2.6. Agents must engage in all discussions on WhatsApp group  and other team communication channel 

2.7. Agents must not sell ProwebPOS itself above company price. If this is violated, the agent in question will refund the excess money to the customer and will be dismissed as an agent. 

Agents are only allowed to charge clients for addon services excluding Training and complete setup but must maintain the cost of ProwebPOS itself 

The Addon services include: 

  • Data entry service
  • Logistics (outside city or additional visit after implementation)
  • Procurements
  • Administrative Assignments
  • Auditing and management


2.8 Agents must uphold the company’s integrity by meeting up to their expectations when a customer is promised an incentive by the company.

2.9 Agents must not convert company leads into one-on-one leads or in any way for their own personal gains 

2.10 When an agent closes a sale and is unable to do set up and requires another agent to do it, this agent (closer)  is consenting to forfeit 10% of his sale commission to the agent that will do the setup and training while he/she (closer) retains 20%, this applies to company assigned leads.

2.10.1 in the case of one on one, the closer forfeits 15% of his sales commission to the setup agent and retains 25% of his sales commission as the closer

2.11 Agents are not allowed to receive payment into their personal bank account when receiving payment from a customer(s).

2.12 Agents are to put their emotions in check and must not act impulsively or talk rudely to the management, company’s staff, fellow agents, and customers.

Violating this will lead to such an agent being suspended for a period of time deemed fit by the management.

2.13 Agents will get their full commission once they close a sale and they will be allowed to do the needful – install and properly train Clients. The conditions attached are:

if a client at any time reports an agent of incompetence or rudeness, the company will call such an agent and look into it. if such agent is found wanting, 

 The agent will get a verbal warning or an official query as the case may be, also such an agent’s CRM account will be disabled until he/she does the needful with that client and they are satisfied.

This means the agent will not get leads until he/she has done the needful or come to a compromise with the supposed Client.

If such an agent gets reported again by another client after the first warning/query, Then the management will again look into the case and if found guilty, he/she will be considered unserious and incompetent.

Thus, his/her CRM account will be disabled indefinitely and will be dismissed as an agent. 

If, while dismissed, such agent goes out of their way to successfully close a client i.e the agent made the client pay to the company’s account, his/her efforts will be appreciated and the client will be assigned to another agent in that location who is more reliable.

2.14 As some of our customers might be computer illiterates that have little or no knowledge of computers, as an agent you’re obligated by this policy to exercise immense patience while training and setting them up.

2.15 Agents should never for any reason whatsoever lose their tempers on clients and leads

2.16 Agents must refrain from updating the CRM with false information about their meeting or discussion with a lead

2.17 Agents must appear professional and responsible when representing the company or visiting a lead for demonstration

2.18 When a customer calls for support and an agent’s presence is required, the agent in question must visit the customer if the company demands it. Failure to do so will lead to the termination of the agent.

2.19 Under no circumstance must any agent neglect his/her one-on-one client who already has knowledge  about the company through the agent 

2.20 As an agent, you’re obligated to always keep yourself updated and equipped with the knowledge of ProwebPOS to increase the competency level

2.21. All Agents must respond to chats and messages that require their responses either from the management or fellow agents

and must not ignore the chat/message for more than 12hours without a response 

2.22. All Agents are required to follow the company’s sales Process and Provided Standard Operating Procedures  (which includes the use of the official CRM  and other tools required ) 

3. Work expectations.

Agents must follow the work schedules provided to them, be sure to meet deadlines, and uphold high-quality standards

And while some flexibility is allowed, agents must agree to work set hours to have appointments with clients to meet up for either setup or support.

4. Communication

Agents are to be accessible online from Monday to Saturday.

Any correspondence from the Management or client must be answered as quickly as possible.

Media have been provided for communicating with team members

5. Insurance and liability

Agents are advised to choose a safe and secure location to work from and to maintain high levels of safety. The company is only liable for injuries suffered in the official company’s assignments

6. Security

Agents will be required to keep all company data and trade secrets confidential. Securing data and company information should be of utmost concern.

Any breaches in security protocol will lead to strict and swift disciplinary action.

Agents will be given access to Some of the company’s private tools, accounts, software, and clients’ details.

Under no circumstances may any of these details be disclosed to a third party by the agent or be used for the agent’s personal interest.

Performance & Reward 

7.1 Assessment

Closely monitoring the performance of Agents and the company as a whole is our priority. Agents’ performance assessments will be loosely based on the company-wide key performance indicators (KPI). 

7.2 Review

At Proweb e-solutions, we believe that reviews are required to correctly reward high performing Agents 

And will be rewarded based on the companies Compensation plan.

7.3 Grievance

If you feel your performance assessment or review was unfairly conducted or inaccurate, and you would like a third-party

to investigate the situation, please fill out a Grievance form and return it to the manager.

8. Reporting

Proweb e-solutions offers an ethics hotline available 24/7 for Agents to file complaints about inappropriate behavior or conduct of every customer 

The hotline is available by phone at 08162929651

9. Disciplinary & legal Process

Proweb e-solutions follow a three-step disciplinary process: verbal warning, written warning, and termination.

We use this approach to give Agents the time and opportunity to fix their mistakes. However,

Proweb e-solutions reserves the right to skip any of the steps in this process and move directly to termination or legal suit if necessary 

10. Resignation

To resign from your position, we ask that an agent submit a written 3 week (at minimum) notice to proweb esolutions to give us time to transfer your clients support to another Agent

NOTE: Proweb e-solutions reserves the right to update and revise this work policy as it sees fit without any notice to the Agents 

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