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From Health products, skincare, Network marketing, fashion and wholesales with high ticket sales...we have done it all

Sandra recorded massive sales  that skyrocket her fashion business to the next level and now sells to African countries  from Nigeria 

Suraiya recorded over 700k orders of skincare products and closed her senior manager title in just 3month in  her network marketing business oriflame 

Daniel at only 24years went from zero to 6million worth of sales per month and now have branches across Nigeria

Heard of the brand hope fashion?  she went from home to becoming a  global brand within 3 years of running ads with us consistently (she was among our early customers)

Ijeoma signup 10 people to her network marketing business from 1 week lead generation ads her very  first time of running Ads. 

you guys love network marketers she once said to us

The craziest record: 30 signups from 2 weeks lead generation ads with signups that registered and place their first orders of 150k plus in her network marketing business oriflame

The insane high ticket Academy signups testimonial 

You can only record few agencies that will deliver this results

23 signups paying 500 dollar (220,000 naira) each in 1 month

Hawanat oshodi is a network marketer with IM Mastery academy...

we took her from zero to P1,000 and now earns 1,000 dollar (400k+)per month with an investment of 300k in total 

Now lets do the math
she got paid 400k in January 2021 and by the end of February she got paid another 400k
total of 800k..... take her 300k back from 800k and she is left with 500k return on investment ....in just two month

but then....what happens to another 400k in march and afterwards ? they all goes into her pockets 

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  • Manually reply to all comments & DM
  • Pay Marketing tool
  • No onboarding sales strategy session 
  • Struggle to sell & recruit  

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We got awarded as the best in advertising & business solution 

We are also registered with CAC Since 2017

And official partners of Facebook & google 

We’ve invested over ₦700,000,000 on Facebook 

Ads alone and produced unmeasured amount of sales

for ourselves and clients 

The above screenshot shows we spent 581,963.74 dollar (250,000,000 in naira) only December between 2 - 29th December 2020

We have the experience, we have the tools, we have the results 

Below is a screenshot of an ad account we dedicated only for our oriflame clients in network marketing with 500+ oriflame  Campaigns and over 6.8million spent  excluding over 18 accounts we have for other businesses    

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