Establish a brand's presence on the social media

Establish a brand's presence on the social mediaTo establish a brand’s presence, the social media is one tool that overtime has proved to be so efficient. It is expedient that you get the basic knowledge of how to build trust and legitimacy on this platform. Not everyone sees the social media as a market-place, thus, have no reasons to establish a brand’s presence for yields.  Consequently, some put up attitudes like:

  • I’ll post when I have the time
  • All I know is my business is supposed to be here and it’s here
  • Content is king, we just need more content
  • Tried it, social media doesn’t work and lots more.

By using the methods above, there is a good chance that you will never derive the benefits that the social media can offer your business. The businesses that get a positive return on investment from social media understand the secrets of using social media correctly to get the desired results . The 9 social media tips below may seem basic but they are fundamental to establish a brand presence on the social media that guarantee profit . Use more than one tip at a time to establish a brand’s presence on the social media


To start with, you must have a business page/account and it must be professional. This is basic as it is the entity that represents what you do and stand for on the universal platform. Thus, setting up a business page must be done professionally and by experts to ensure:

(i) followers have no reason to doubt your legitimacy,

(ii) the business handle could drive customers to your website or your online store  etcetera

Practice the Tips below; crafted by Proweb e-Solutions’ team of experts and be sure to establish a brand’s presence with assured benefits

Tip 1: Establish a Brand’s Presence By Educating Your Audience Followers/Fans

People love to learn about the things that can add value to their lives. Thus, in the bid to establish a brand’s presence on the social media, if your business is aimed at adding value to lives with either your products or services; you are certain that your social media presence will so pull people in the direction of your business only if you utilize this medium to educate them on how to better their lives and how your business could help do that. Keeping your audience informed on the happenings in your industry is a great way to make it easy for them to choose you. Post regularly about the good and bad of what you do. This will erase doubts from the mind of your audience as they will know what you stand for.


Tip 2: Create Conversations

Every social media platform, allows you to connect with your customer on a one-to-one level. This is one of the biggest opportunities that social media gives to businesses although it is often not utilized. Mentions, direct message and comments are there to make it easy to spark a conversation. Use this tip to talk to your audience, get their opinion about what you do and how they’ll want you to serve them better, make them feel relevant to your organization via this means and you’ll succeed in effectively managing human resources.

Tip 3: Express Gratitude

Show your audience that you are aware of them and they will become increasingly aware of you.

Those who feel your business was interesting or valuable enough to become a follower or fan should be appreciated. They have given you direct access to a large audience, at the place they spend most of their time without a cost. You could celebrate your followers’/fans’ birthday with a post on your social media handle or mention them specifically in an appreciation post. This way, they feel they are part of your organization thus, they could help built it with referrals.


Tip 4: Make It Exclusive

You can take your appreciation a little further by offering exclusive deals, promotions, and early access to products and services to your social media community. This will give them a reason to consistently check and stay updated with your social channels – giving you greater opportunity to build trust and convert your fans/followers to customers.


 Tip 5: Respond Quickly

Your response to a current or potential customer via your social media channels must be apt. It is an easy way to make a good impression seeing that the audience is large. Therefore, giving adequate and relevant attention to any prospect boosts your customer relationship and conversion rate. It shows that you care about their problems, needs and desires. Also, a quicker response time might result in a quicker sale or resolution for your business.


Tip 6: Update your social media handles Daily

Keeping your audience reminded of your brand should be a priority. To do this, you must post multiple times through-out the day to reach different parts of your audience that login to their social media channels at different times. But to ensure you do not run out of ideas (due to multiple content creation) and start posting rubbish; you should study to understand the time of the day and days in a week your audience are online in a large number so you can post at such times.  Though you must be consistent, do not bore your audience with unnecessary posts. Two or three times a day is a happy medium for any platform.


Tip 7: Listen More. Talk Less.

Social media is where people talk about their wants, fears, likes, dislikes, desires, and anything else you can think of: they talk about just everything. Your target audience will tell you exactly how to market to them, they will tell you exactly what they like and don’t like about your products or services (if only you utilize TIP 2). They will also tell you the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. Use social media listening to monitor what is being said about your brand and as market research to truly understand your target customer.


Tip 8: Use Comicalness & Creativity

One of the easiest ways to make a friend is to make them laugh. At some point you’ll need to give your audience a reason to laugh: it may just be what they need to become glued to your social media handle. Humor and creativity increase the chances that your brand is memorable, relevant and increases your chances of shares, retweets, likes, and favorites (which gives you a wider reach to potential clients). If humor is not a part of your online brand identity, use creativity to make your brand outstanding.


Tip 9: Call-to-Actions

Be sure to mention the exact action you would like your audience to take in your post. If you want a share, ask for it. If you want a link to be clicked say, “Click here.” Dictate your audience’s next steps through what you say. Just ensure you do not give them multiple options. The mindset is that good content should be liked, retweeted, shared, favorite and commented on automatically. This is not always the case. If you don’t say what you want, your audience may do nothing.




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