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It’s a quandary that a lot of modern business owners have asked at some point. “I have a decent social media following, but I’m unable to convert likes/followers to customers/clients. Those followers don’t seem to translate into anything beneficial to the business. Converting every single social follower into a regular customer/client is made easy by following the steps outlined below.


Convert likes/followers to customers/clients by defining your visual brand:

If your social media handles is expected to bring your target audience together and subsequently convert likes/followers into clients/customers, firstly, your social media outlook must appear as professional as possible. Its social feeds attractive, interesting and engaging also. It’s important to have a strong visual brand identity, and one that carries over between all of your social accounts. Keep your colour schemes and designs for your avatar, header image, and media posts consistent.

Be aware of the differences between platforms.

It’s imperative to become extremely cognizant of which types of content work best with which social platforms. Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest are good all-rounders as they’re great spaces for both business and pleasure. Instagram tends to do well for businesses with visual products, but can be inventively used to make any kind of company visually interesting. LinkedIn is of course a much more professional and straight-laced platform, but it requires one to know what is the best automation tool to optimise Linkedin to its potential.

Be aware of each platform’s uses and limitations.

On a related note, know how different platforms are used and how you and your prospects fit in to that. Become acutely aware of the different types of content that do well on each platform and how they are best used. For example, Twitter isn’t a great place to explain complex ideas because of its 140-character limit – unless you do so in a video. If you own a beauty business, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest would possibly be great for you, but you may not get a lot of purchase on LinkedIn.


Social media is quite visual, so use images and videos:

If you must convert likes/followers to customers/clients, graphical elements always attract the eye, so by including a link in an image or video post, you increase the likelihoods of viewers seeing the post. Your posts must make them see the need to patronize you.

If you can provide a demonstration, do so!

People love to see things in action, this erase doubts from their minds and it explains your professionality and if you find you’re struggling to explain yourself in mere text, a professional video or two may be well worth considering. This also increases engagements on your social media handles and makes your fans see reasons why your product/service would be of benefit to them.

Always aim to be useful and insightful:

Image posts that feature an inspirational or helpful quote tend to go down well, so go through your website to hunt for short, digestible nuggets of wisdom! Having being an inspiration to subsequently convert fans/followers into clients/customers would be without much ado: people are glued to their source of strength

Ask questions and engage in discussions that exasperates your audience.

An excellent way of engaging with your audience is to start a discussion that arouses their interest. You could also engage in discussions started by others. Ask a question as to how your followers would tackle a relevant industry-specific problem and open it up to debate. With this you could convert likes and followers to customers/clients.

It’s circumstances like these where having a blog on your website really helps. You can direct people to useful information on your site – and on that topic…

Remember to promote your business on social media: 

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Always examine!

And last but certainly not least in the bid to convert likes/followers to customers/clients we have the topic of analysis. Always analyse when your audience is most active on social media using the platforms’ in-built analysis tools like Facebook Insights and Twitter Analytics. Use that data to know when to post your most popular and useful content. Become aware of the time of day people are engaging most, as well as the topics and post frequencies that seem to work best for you.

Now, it’s over to you. What practices have you implemented to grow website/store visits from your social channels? Do you have any social media advice that you’d like to share with the world? Please leave your thoughts down in the comments!

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